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One UN on Gender in Kenya

The objective of the “One UN” is to improve the impact, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness and positioning of the UN system in Kenya to enable it better assist the country to meet the MDGs and Vision 2030. This will be achieved through One Programme, One Budgetary Framework, One Office, One Leader and Communicating as One. About Us

Our Contacts

Physical Address: UN Women Kenya UN Gigiri Complex, UN Avenue Block M, Ground Floor
Postal Address: P.O. Box 30218 - 00100 Nairobi, KENYA
Phone: +254 20 7624331

Our Loation

Political Pillar

Under this priority area, the UN in Kenya will support the Government of Kenya, civil society organizations and other non-state actors to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in the country’s attainment of transformative governance, respect for the rule of law, improved security and the effective implementation of devolution for a peaceful, secure, cohesive and prosperous country.


Fast Facts

Ø  Kenya’s ranking in the Women, Peace and Security Index is 107 out of 153 as of 2018

Ø  Women make up 20% of bicameral parliament membership, including 47 members of the national assembly elected on an affirmative action platform.

Ø  At the Cabinet level women held 25.5% of the positions. 34% of Principal Secretary positions are held by women

Ø  42% of judges in Superior Courts are women (2016)

Ø  Women hold 37% of high level positions in Judiciary


5 - Gender equality

16 - Peace, Justice and strong institutions

10 - Reduced inequalities


To achieve this, it focuses on 3 strategic areas:

Governance and access to justice

Goal-By 2022, the culture of constitutionalism is strengthened in Kenya, underpinned by improved governance, respect for human rights, and a justice and rule of law system that is inclusive, accountable and empowering especially to vulnerable groups.

The UN is working with the Government of Kenya towards ensuring gender is mainstreamed in the governance systems with a focus on strengthening institutional capacities on rule of law and access to justice and strengthening the electoral processes and capacities of Kenyans to engage politically and socially. Despite recognition of gender equality in the constitution such as the 2/3rds gender rule that is yet to be implemented, women still face structural and socio-economic challenges in participating effectively in decision-making and leadership.


Goal-By 2022 Kenya has high quality services at devolved level that are well-coordinated, equitably resourced, accessible and accountable.

The UN is working with the Government of Kenya towards ensuring gender mainstreaming in the devolved system of governance. This will focus on strengthened policy, legal and institutional frameworks, strengthened county level institutions and citizen engagement and participation and county level.

Peace and security

By 2022 Kenya has peace-building, conflict prevention and social cohesion strategies and interventions that are inclusive, community centred, gender and human rights responsive

The UN is working with the Government of Kenya towards gender mainstreaming of peace and security processes, both at national and county level. This will focus on strengthening the capacities of institutions, improved coordination within the peace architecture, investing towards reconciliation, social cohesion and integration within communities and ensuring there is an enabling environment through policy and legal frameworks.

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